Modus operandi, methods and philosophy


What is my style of working? What methods do I use?

An industry veteran with extensive first-hand experience in a variety of executive, management and personnel consultancy positions, I have a wealth of professional expertise and experience to draw on and share in my role as a business coach. This, coupled with my sound academic background, enables me to bring my unique scholar-practitioner approach to my work allowing me to impart invaluable hands-on experience rooted in theory and practice.

During coaching sessions, I utilise my repertoire of resource-oriented coaching tools complemented by a variety of coaching techniques and methods as part of a person-centred and systemic, yet pragmatic, approach to coaching based on genuine, first-hand experience.

I offer bespoke, tailor-made coaching programmes designed around the specific needs of the individual or organisation I am working with, which are continually adapted throughout according to the changing circumstances.

I am able to offer coaching sessions in both German and English.


What fundamental philosophy and code of ethics underpin my work?

My guiding principles when it comes to coaching individuals – empathy, acceptance and my professional integrity as a consultant – are all hallmarks of my consulting philosophy. This also entails sharing my own first-hand experiences.

I also take a systemic and holistic view of the client and entire organisational environment in which they work. Relations between the various role players and persons, behavioural patterns and much more besides are duly viewed through a variety of different perspectives.

As an accredited member of the Cologne-based Deutsche Gesellschaft für Supervision und Coaching e.V. (German Society for Supervision and Coaching), I strictly adhere to its "Code of Ethics" when providing my professional consulting services.

Recommended reading

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