Stress management


worklifebalanceYou are hoping to strike a better work-life balance? You want to learn how to prioritise "work" and "home" duties, by keeping the two separate and only focusing on business during office hours? You want to avoid burnout at all costs? You want to learn how to better identify what action needs to be taken when you experience the onset of burnout symptoms such as psychosomatic disorders?

In stress management coaching sessions, you learn practical stress management techniques and how to discover and systematically tap into your inner capacities and resources to help you counter the negative effects of stress in your life. You will also learn how to properly distance yourself from work-related stress and how to successfully recover therefrom.

If you have already suffered from stress-related symptoms, coaching may represent a good first step towards helping you keep your stress levels in check. The focus is then on learning how to become more adept at recognising the early stress warning signs and you will also learn how to practise self-help stress management techniques.