Personal changes: New challenge


newtaskYou would like to properly prepare yourself for a new role? You would like to successfully pass an aptitude test at an assessment centre? You would like to make a smooth transition and get settled into your new role during the first 100 days?

Coaching to enhance readiness to embark on new tasks and responsibilities involves gathering information about the new position and the new company and/or business division (if any). An induction plan is designed to familiarise you with the organisation, to outline your tasks and responsibilities, to provide a plan for the first few weeks, to prioritise matters, to familiarise yourself with the specifics of your tasks and responsibilities and to ensure that you rapidly accustom yourself to all aspects of your new role.

A checklist is specially drawn up for your first 100 days to ensure that you follow the mantra "stick to your strengths and work on your weaknesses" at your new workplace during the said period and, in so doing, communicate tactfully and openly with your colleagues and fellow employees.

If your (new) employer assigns you new learning objectives which must be met as a precondition to assuming your new role, the relevant issues and objectives will be jointly discussed and agreed upon with your superior during a briefing. Coaching then guides you along the way, culminating in the attainment of these learning objectives.