Change management


changemanagement How do I structure my organisation to enable it to adjust to increasingly rapid changes in market conditions? How do I go about devising and implementing reorganisation measures to keep pace with such changes? And how do I actually raise awareness of the need for change? What type of communications strategy can be used to aid the entire change process and how do I handle resistance towards change?

A large number of change initiatives occur in parallel in large-scale change processes. Coaching assists you in devising, putting in place and managing your own clear change management strategy and process. The goals of the proposed changes are spelled out, and the agreed measures and overall timelines are established in which all individual measures are coordinated with each other.

This entails, among other things, identifying the stakeholders with a vested interest in the change initiative and ascertaining what kind of power/influence they have to initiate and drive change. Issues surrounding the formation and composition of the "guiding coalition" responsible for heading and managing the change are also clarified in this respect. Factors which facilitate or undermine the change initiative are addressed and those areas that provide the greatest leverage to implement the change are identified. "Quick wins" during the initial stages of a change process demonstrate that change delivers results and generates a positive momentum for change, thereby enabling change agents to use the credibility afforded thereby to tackle even bigger problems.