Sales management


sales You would like to further professionalise your sales management? You wish to improve your market positions, customer structures and customer relationships to increase their value over the long term? You would like to place greater emphasis on the issue concerning the productivity of resource deployment in sales? 

Company divisions, such as sales, are being scrutinised much more closely than ever before with respect to how much they contribute to increasing shareholder value. Coaching helps sales managers and their organisations become more adept at identifying clients' needs in a timely manner through professional sales management and to ensure that they are able to react quickly to changes in the market. 

This is assessed as early as during the initial questioning about the sales strategy. It forms the basis for taking key managerial issues into consideration such as the design and structure of your sales organisation, systematic sales planning, design of a sales culture, as well as personnel management. Information management and the various facets of customer relationship management in many cases also form part of the overall assessment.