Communications and conflict management

Communication and soft skills

You would like to learn how to become a more effective communicator? You want to become quicker and more persuasive in getting your views across? You want to become a better listener? In particular, you want to be on an equal footing when it comes to communicating with executives on C-level during meetings and when giving presentations?

Specific experiences and behavioural patterns in line with established practice are addressed in the coaching sessions. Potential root causes and reasons behind why you lose your audience are identified. You will be introduced to tried and tested communication techniques which can then be used to re-enact previous real-life situations.

Follow-up sessions focus on the “homework” task of putting one’s new skills and knowledge to use in applying one’s new skills and knowledge to one’s own professional day-to-day working lives. Specific instances of their application are then reflected on during the subsequent session. Repeatedly putting the spotlight on one’s own communicative behaviour is designed to bring about sustainable behavioural changes.

Conflict management

You would like to become more adept and professional at handling conflicts? You would like to resolve conflicts without harming relationships? You would like to be adequately prepared to deal with conflicts which have already escalated?

As humans, we often experience inner conflict within ourselves in conflict situations: We pay selective attention, we adopt a one-sided, distorted view of the situation, have limited capacity for empathy, and we are less willing to compromise.

Coaching first helps you to identify potential conflicts at an early stage on the basis of established definitions of what constitutes a conflict (“What is a conflict, and when does it arise?”). Conflicts detected early can, as a rule, be successfully defused by using a range of communication techniques and methods without damaging relationships.

In the coaching sessions, you get an insight into how conflicts affect you and how they can be dealt with and resolved constructively before they get out of hand. The sessions also focus on de-escalation techniques which can be used when conflicts get out of hand.

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